Unnecessary Reasons to Induce Labor

Nowadays, inducing labor is the norm. Either you or someone you know has been induced during pregnancy for one reason or another.

More often than not, induction will result in other means of intervention. Yes, with induction comes risk.

Your chances of having a cesarean are more than doubled when you are induced.

I will merely skim the topic of induction, because there is SO much to be learned about the risks. For more information, please refer to the links at the end of the article.

In the unassisted/free birthing community, induction is not something that happens; Women choose to allow baby to arrive when it is ready. Some go until 44 weeks gestation, some have meconium tinged, broken membranes, some even go days without labor starting, and give birth perfect babies with beautiful, calcium free, placentas!

Induction is such an unnatural act and shouldn’t happen unless there is an absolute emergency.

Why? Because it often leads to complications by trying to make the mother’s body do something it isn’t ready to do.

After being given synthetic hormones (pitocin, for example as pictured) to try and evict a baby from it’s womb, some mothers experience high blood pressure.

At this point, staff might suggest an epidural or pain meds.

Then, they find that the baby has an abnormal heart rate!

All of a sudden everyone involved is in distress and an emergency cesarean is needed.

All because the mother was induced when their body wasn’t ready to deliver a baby.

Would you be surprised if you found out that most of the “necessary” inductions weren’t necessary at all?

More often than not women are induced for unnecessary reasoning.

A survey was posted in our Motherhood with a Crunch Facebook groups regarding induction. We asked who had been induced during a pregnancy and whether it was medically necessary.

174 women claimed they were previously induced with a birth.

131 of those women claimed it was an induction they later found was unnecessary. They stated that they were misinformed by their provider and talked into an unnecessary induction.

43 of the women claimed that they believed their induction was necessary.

Many of the ladies claimed their induction ended in cesarean.

Often providers will demand induction or they refuse to assist during your labor. It brings in extra revenue for them. They know that it will likely end in cesarean or requiring other unnecessary intervention if they induce, thus, bringing in more revenue.

Many mothers are fear mongered into agreeing to an unnecessary induction to convenience the provider. This happens more often to new moms, usually from a provider they trust and enjoy.

This is why it’s so important to know how natural pregnancy, labor, and birth should go.

You should know and be able to identify unnecessary reasons for induction. Everyone involved should know prior to labor what you will and will not consent to and on what terms.

Do not blindy trust the “professionals” in facilities. Especially if you want a natural birth! These people are trained professionals in intervention, not typically in natural birth.

Keep in mind they are making money off of what you allow. Birth is an industry, not a service offered.


Being “over due” is one of the most common reasons why doctors say it is necessary to induce.

I’m here to inform you that that is an absolutely unnecessary reason to induce.

When babe is ready, their lungs release a horomore that makes way to mom, triggering labor. Your baby didn’t “forget to leave your body”. They just weren’t ready.

Due dates can be off by 4 weeks. A due date is not an expiration date, and No, your placenta will not “age” and stop working because your baby forgot to be born.

Baby will come when it has grown and is ready to breathe air, earth side. Inducing because babe didn’t come on the doctors timeline, is unnecessary.

Some reasons doctors claim induction is necessary but actually is NOT at all necessary:

1. Being past due – As stated earlier, a due date is nothing but an estimate. It can be off by multiple weeks unless you were tracking, temping, charting and in tune with your cycle.

2. OB/Midwife will be on vacation – They will often induce prior to your due date if your primary provider will not be available around your due date. Sometimes they travel to other countries or have other plans.

In this instance, it is healthier for baby to come when it is ready, regardless of who will be there to catch it.

3. Advanced maternal age– Sometimes they will induce an older mother-to-be and claim that she is more at risk due to her age. Something to keep in mind is that your body will not create a human that it cannot birth, regardless of age!

4. You aren’t progressing quickly enough– Providers often will induce if a laboring mother isn’t progressing as quickly as they would like. They like to get women in and out, and not wait around for their body to labor naturally. This is just another reason why you shouldn’t head to a facility until you absolutely must.

Oftentimes women will have their labor stall once they arrive at the hospital. This is because they are in an environment that they are not completely comfortable in, their body becomes aware of this and is unable to continue laboring.

5. Baby is too big/mothers body is too small – Your body will not create a human that it cannot physically birth. Ultrasounds are not reliable estimates as they are typically off. Sometimes by more than 2 lbs/2 weeks off!

6. PROM/The mother had broken membranes for an extended amount of time-Many times providers will begin to induce labor after the mother’s water has been broken for several hours.

Premature Rupturing Of Membranes is absolutely no reason to induce labor, your water can be broken for weeks on end without any concern. Your membranes will often reseal if you are preterm. Your water can replenish, even during labor.

7. Meconium was present– Meconium in the waters is a variation of normal and no reason for induction.

More often than not, the “dirty” waters will clear out and turn clear as it replenishes.

8. Parents want to pick the birthday– YES, some parents want to take the risk of induction so they can choose their childs birthday. The scarier fact is that some providers allow this.

9. Mom feels swollen and uncomfortable – If a mom is uncomfortable and wants her pregnancy to end, a doctor may offer to induce.

This way the doctors do not have to be called in at weird hours, and they can schedule baby’s arrival as well as bring in extra revenue!

10. The placenta has/will stop working – Providers like to claim that the placenta will stop providing oxygen or become over calcified. Your placenta will not stop working because you’re overdue. Due date has no correlation with calcification either.

No, not all providers are induction/cesarean/money HAPPY, but you really cannot know until birthing day. They can say XYZ, then change their mind and do the opposite on birthing day.

Yes, there are valid reasons for induction. If mom has a condition such as high blood pressure that can not be controlled and lives are at risk, induction is likely her last shot at a vaginal birth before it becomes an emergency. But…. some of the issues that require a medically necessary induction could have been avoided with a clean diet. That is something your doctor likely won’t tell you!

Something to keep in mind, you probably have a better chance at a natural birth with a midwife rather than an obstetrician, whom is a trained surgeon, specializing in surgery.

I always suggest that mothers learn about birth, what to expect, what they will agree to, and just be well-rounded with all the choices that come with a facility provided birth.

Do not walk in there clueless on the topic, trusting your provider. Unless you want to be taken advantage of.

Be Educated, Be Empowered, and Stand Your Ground! It is your birth. You hire them and you can fire them at any time. You call the shots and are not required to do ANYTHING!






DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for the choices you make. Do your own research and make an educated decision.


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